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Thin Blue Line Art by Boris book on Amazon

Below you will find a link to my new book on Amazon, Thin Blue Line Art by Boris.

Hi guys! Boris here that happy accident that was the senior police artist in SO11 based at NSY (New Scotland Yard) back in the day when we were able to do our job without every arrest, stop or caution being a media newsbreak.


You may or may not have noticed, I have been quiet these past few weeks, so what was I up to? Well, it has taken me a few weeks to complete, but I have finally finished compiling this epic portfolio of all my police art and published it altogether in my first ever paperback book and is now available to buy on Amazon, just in time for Christmas!


To be honest, I'm an artist and not a writer, it was like preparing a crown court legal brief for a court case! (like what we had to do on our own back in the day!) Somehow I wrote over 8500 words, with 21 chapters and 357 pages covering all my art, from police humour, Met and County Police headwear, from Met Vehicles and bikes to firearms to Police portraits and even has a chapter on those loveable black rodents that could be found hiding in service stations around the M25!

It contains around 250+ plus high resolution print illustrations of all my police art I have digitally painted over the past two years. All my art in one book printed on high grade quality colour paper, and all for the price of a single print!


Available as a Hardback, Paperback or Kindle edition from Amazon books.


On Amazon search Thin Blue Line Art by Boris or click on these links.





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