Pinnie Hinnies Colouring iBook


Welcome to my first Pinnie Hinnies colouring in book, available to buy from the Apple iTunes Store (click the link below)


In the following pages, you will find 25 of my adorable Pinnie Hinnies,

which I have removed all the colours except the outlines and ready to colour in using your phone or tablet. 


Tip: Start by going to the page of the Pinnie Hinnies you want to colour in, save it to your phone or tablet and open up your favourite drawing painting app (Procreate, Paint, Photoshop etc) and import the blank Pinnie Hinnies sketch you saved and create a separate layer underneath the sketch and start colouring in. 


If you have an Apple Pencil or compatible stylus, you’ll enjoy the colouring in experience.


The beauty of this colouring in book, is that you can colour them in again and again, forever and ever!


Jan from Jans Art


Copyright Notice.

You have my permission to enjoy and happily colour in each and every one of my sketches in this book, please do not print, sell or pass on any part of this book online or to a third party. This book is solely for your own personal enjoyment. 




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